Infographic: employee profiles in the new workplace


Over the last few years, even the last decade, corporations have come to recognize, embrace and value the diversity of backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, experiences and personal preferences.

The hybrid workplace has now focused an even brighter spotlight on these differences and personal preferences. While a plethora of articles have been written about Covid’s effect on the workplace, it did not create a hybrid workplace, but rather accelerated it.

This infographic illustrates some of the employee profiles that exist in this new hybrid workplace. The more employers understand, embrace and accommodate them, the happier, more productive and dedicated their employees will be.

Employees Profiles in the new Hybrid Workplace:

1.Traditional Employee
  • Prefers the same desk every time
  • Brings their own mouse and keyboard
  • Requires at least one monitor
  • Prefers land line phone
  • Drives to the office
2.Undecided Employee
  • Traditionally worked in the office but enjoyed working from home also
  • Unsure if home or office is better
  • Brings only a laptop
  • Prefers to have a keyboard, mouse and dual monitors
  • Drives to the office most days
3.Free Spirit Employee
  • Prefers to mix it up – desk, lounge area, standup workspace
  • Does not adhere to a rigid schedule
  • Needs only a laptop
  • Takes public transit to the office
4.Field Based Employee
  • Comes into the office only to meet with team members or manager, once per week(ex. Sales rep)
  • Books a conference room for the team with white board, speakerphone and video conferencing
  • Drives to the office

Check out the infographic:


Interesting, isn’t it? Download it the infographic here.

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