Deskbee’s suite of flexible workplace and employee connectivity applications provide all the capabilities needed to handle today’s ever changing work environment.

Intelligent Workspace Bookings

The workplace is more than desks, it includes parking, lunch rooms, collaborative spaces, even amenities  such as ping pong.  Empower employees to select the exact type of workspace that is best for them.

  • Give employees flexibility to select their preferred schedule
  • Select workspaces near peers
  • Filter workspaces by features such as dual monitors, standing desks, near window…
  • Use  color-coded 3D maps to see available space.

Meeting room management

Connect in-office and virtual employees with Deskbee’s meeting room manager.  Meeting rooms can be selected by availability, size, and amenities ensuring employees have exactly what is needed for a productive meeting.

  • Reserve brainstorming space or quiet time
  • Filter by amenities such as video conferencing, whiteboards..
  • Upload actual meeting room photos to view before booking
  • Optional QR code check-in frees up unused space

Visitor Management

Deskbee streamlines the visitor pass process from emailing required documents to guests to approval and registration.

  • Customize visitor forms with required information
  • Notifies host when guest has arrived
  • Archives visitor details for security compliance
  • Integrates with security or access control systems

Interactive 3D floor plans

Replicate your office layout in an immersive 3D model giving users unprecedented perception of the workplace.

  • Increase office attendance with a creative and fun tool
  • Zoom into workplace areas to quickly reserve spaces
  • Mouse over booked spaces to see who reserved them
  • Quickly see available spaces through color coded icons

Occupancy control

There are many benefits to controlling occupancy – social distancing, space maximization and reduced operating costs.  Deskbee give you the flexibility to control daily occupancy to match your current needs.

  • Set daily occupancy limits
  • Assign specific days to teams to promote collaboration
  • Adjust occupancy for any healthcare issues that may arise
  • Reduce operating costs by limiting multi floor usage


Deskbee’s versatile API along with built in Microsoft, Google and Slack integrations, doesn’t change the way your employees work but rather complements it.

  • Integrates easily with existing office tools
  • Provides out of the box integration with Microsoft, Google and Slack calendars
  • Flexible API enables quick integration with most systems.
  • Reduces employee training and accelerates adoption

Deskbee – For the Hybrid World
Our mission is to enable a hybrid world and build the office of the future. We believe that technology is the key for an innovative, collaborative and productive workplace!

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