Deskbee provides the data to optimize space today while determining what space is needed tomorrow.

Space optimization

Optimize today’s office space while determining tomorrow’s with Deskbee’s tools and insightful data.

  • Utilization reports provide insights into most used spaces
  • Deskbee employee surveys can be used to obtain opinions
  • Daily bookings determine how many floors are required

Reduced operating costs

Maintaining an office is costly and with flex work schedules, not all your space is being used.  Reduce your costs by intelligently managing occupancy.

  • Understand occupancy patterns to determine space availability
  • Shut down floors that are not being used
  • Reduce energy costs in unused areas
  • Review data to make future leasing/space decisions

Future space planning

With Deskbee, utilization metrics, employee preferences and occupancy trends are all at your fingertips to make those critical future decisions.

  • Understand the most utilized workspace type
  • Review occupancy reports to see employee/workspace ratios
  • Determine optimal office layouts
  • Gain insights and plan for future space needs

In-depth analytics

With today’s changing work environment, data-based decision making is difficult.  Deskbee collects the critical data that enables intelligent future space planning.

  • Know your employees’ workspace preferences
  • Measure return on a square foot basis
  • Create HR policies based on occupancy data
  • Use data to make intelligent space planning decisions

Deskbee – For the flexible workplace
Our mission is to enable a flexible workplace and create the office of the future. We believe that technology is the key for an innovative, collaborative and productive workplace!

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