A vital part of talent retention and acquisition is creating an office environment where employees have control over their work experience while having the tools and assets they need to be productive.

Deskbee  gives employees the power to choose their preferred workspaces based on parameters that are consistent with business needs. Once more, they are given a tool that increases their connectivity to the office, colleagues and friends.

Preferred Workspace Selection

Empower employees to select the exact workspace they prefer that day. One day in a quiet spot, the next day in a collaborative space near teammates.  Ensuring they have the optimal workspace ensures optimal productivity.

  • Intelligently book desks, parking, shuttles and more
  • Filter workspaces by features such as dual monitors, adjustable desks, near a window…
  • Use immersive 3D floor plans to understand the workspace location
  • Segment office areas by teams to enable increased collaboration

Employee feedback

Give your employees the opportunity to be heard with Deskbee’s feedback tools. Use QR codes in specific locations to link to a related survey.

  • Create customized surveys easily
  • Link surveys to QR codes placed in specific locations
  • Use surveys as a fun and important part of in office work
  • Increases loyalty and provides a vehicle for valuable feedback

Connect with peers

One of the benefits of being in the office is the comradery and interaction with colleagues.  Knowing who will be in the office and where they’re sitting is important to your employees looking to collaborate or connect.

  • Know when colleagues are in the office
  • Enables group and collaborative meetings
  • Increases employee office presence
  • Reports provide insights into what areas are most popular

Safe and secure workplace

Safety and security are top priority for employees whether it is personal safety around the office or a healthy work environment.  Deskbee’s many employee modules give your employees confidence to come to the office.

  • Connect with peers when leaving or entering buildling
  • Request security escorts if needed
  • Section off workspaces to create safe distancing when needed
  • Know which employees were in the office each day for health related alerts

Service Requests

Why use dedicated software to handle service requests?  With Deskbee’s Service Request module, employees can submit tickets for anything that requires attention via their mobile device (i.e, restrooms, printers, vending etc.).

  • Customize request forms for each department
  • Automatically route requests based on subject matter
  • Reduce the need for other solutions
  • Integrate with other providers such as cafes, coffee shops

Guaranteed parking

After employees commute to the office, they need a place to park. By mapping parking in 3D maps, your employees can reserve spaces near whatever building or entrance they choose.

  • Easily include parking in 3D floor plans
  • Section off parts of the parking for specific groups
  • Reserve spots for special awards such as employee of the month
  • Gamify parking spots with office interactive activities

Deskbee – For the flexible workplace
Our mission is to enable a flexible workplace and create the office of the future. We believe that technology is the key for an innovative, collaborative and productive workplace!

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