Check out new modules and features that have arrived recently on Deskbee platform:

Tickets module

Learn more about the new additional module that offers the creation and management of tickets and helpdesk integrated into the booking app.

Now your employees can do everything in the same place! Quickly and easily, you can create and configure different types of tickets: cleaning or IT calls, document requests, coffee break service for meetings and much more!

The employee opens and monitors the fulfillment of their orders directly through the Deskbee app.


Deskbee’s new instant meetings module. Clicked and done. Is online!

BeeCall is an instant meeting module that streamlines your team’s interactions as if everyone were in the same place! Combine face-to-face and remote to deliver an immersive experience for your employees.

Standard Time Setting

Now, there’s news when booking spaces! The new MY JOURNEY feature allows employees to indicate their standard working hours (from 08:00h to 18:00h, for example) in their user settings.

After that, at the time of booking, the schedule is already filled in. The collaborator can change if he wants to, but he doesn’t have to waste time filling it out again, if he always uses the same schedule.

Document Management Module

New module for contract management allows you to create and track the progress of your contracts with suppliers. In addition to being able to concentrate records in just one place, you can also create reminders so you don’t miss termination or renewal processes.

This module was specially designed through feedback from many Facilities Managers that are Deskbee clients.

Custom Buttons

The new feature of custom buttons allows you to transform the Deskbee app into your office “remote control”, plugging in other tools of daily use for the collaborator.

On the app’s home page, you can replace some buttons with internal hyperlinks of your operation, such as your intranet, drive, etc. Also, this functionality is filtered by groups, that is, each team can have its own buttons.

Deskbee – For the flexible workplace
Our mission is to enable a flexible workplace and create the office of the future. We believe that technology is the key for an innovative, collaborative and productive workplace!

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