What’s your RTO plan?

Create a safe and efficient return to the office

With Deskbee, you can plan and manage today’s flexible and hybrid work environment while leveraging the data to plan tomorrow’s

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Deskbee enables a successful RTO and long-term workplace strategy.  The intuitive interface and effortless setup process allows you to deploy and onboard your entire company in just a few days.

  • Book desks, meeting rooms, lockers, parking spots and even a seat in the cafeteria
  • Single Sign-on ability with Outlook, Google and Slack integrations
  • Completely customizable with your company’s branding and workspace options
  • Gather & analyze occupancy data for better space planning, office design, and work schedule

How does Deskbee manage the “new” office?

Workspace Booking

Reserve desks, parking, shuttles and more.  Explore available spaces with easy color-coded floor maps. Group areas by department and black out specific areas.

Workplace analytics

Obtain visibility into space utilization. Analyze collected data to determine today’s optimal workspace types and plan for future space growth, reduction or redesign.

Meeting Rooms

Employees can search and reserve the exact meeting room they need based on specific features such as video conferencing, whiteboard…

Visitor Pass

Reserve and register visitors to ensure proper resources are available. Integrate visitor passes with existing access control systems


Easy setup, quick on boarding. Start booking right away!

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1. Interactive and Immersive Floor Plans

Map your workstations, meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, parking lots and replicate your office environment in a 3D model!

2. Easy Onboarding with Superb Usability

Plug’n’play SSO connection for quick and safe user access. Using PWA, a state-of-the-art technology, creates a seamless mobile or desktop experience without the need to download any apps.

3. Dashboards, Analytics and Reports

Track the occupancy rate for any desks, rooms, parking, cafeteria, etc. in real time.  Filter insightful reports by user, team or booking options to learn about your employee workspace preferences.